Where Our Gifts Have Gone


 Northshore Long Island Jewish Hospital • St. Barnabas Hospital Oncology • Union Community Health- Oncology • Norwalk Hospital • Bridgeport Hospital • Optimus Health Clinic • Daughters of Charity, Bridgeport, CT • The Smillow Cancer Center • Janice Center for Kids • Family Reentry Champions Program • Center for Family Justice • Conuent Family Giving Center • The Children’s Aid Society • Children of Families of Veterans • The Emunah Children’s Centre • Yale New Haven Hospital Oncology Center • Survivors of the Bridgeport, CT New Year’s Eve condo fire • Salvation Army, NYC • Moore, Oklahoma • Saddle River• Angel House• the Detroit Police Dept Child Abuse and Neglect Unit• Children’s Hospital Of Michigan•Carrie Steele-Pitts Home•Georgia Center for Resources and Support

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