Be a SWL Participant at a SWL Event in Your Community:

Individuals or families donate $25 per child to attend a SWL event that is hosted in his/her community on a specific date to create a stuffed animal gift for a child in need. Many of these events may be private, but you may donate to Kidz Give Back Foundation to further its goals of providing as many children as possible with gifts created by other children. Also, if you have been invited to a SWL event but cannot attend, you may donate $25 SWL kits for children in need to create themselves.


October 20th, 2021 | Upcoming Events


December 5th 12:00-5:00 LBC

In light of the devastating effects of Hurricane Ida and the upcoming holiday season, Kidz Give Back Foundation,, will be hosting a campus wide holiday “Stuffed With Love Tulane” event led by Maya Wofsy and other Tulane University students. We encourage everyone to get involved and create stuffed animal kits and gifts for children who have lost everything, are scared, and need extra love and support during the holidays. This is a great opportunity to directly help a child in need. 


  1. Individual Members of the Tulane community: you may register to create a stuffed animal gift kit. Arrive at the LBC on December 5th between 12-5 and join an assembly line to create the stuffed animal kit which includes: a non woven bag to fill with a stuffed animal skin, fiberfil, clothes, accessories and card.  You can then choose to create and “stuff” the stuffed animal skin or leave it in the kit for a child in need to create. 
  2. Tulane organizations: your members can register individually and state their organization affiliation or you can register as an organization for as many gifts as you would like to donate. As an organization, you can also, after creating the kits at the LBC, personally donate and distribute these to a children’s organization in Louisiana that you are associated with. (discuss this option with Maya Wofsy-
  3. Individuals, businesses, and organizations, regardless of your location in the United States: may donate kits that will be distributed by Tulane students to kids in need in Louisiana

<Click here to register for “Stuffed With Love” to create stuffed animals for the children of Louisiana who lost so much from Hurricane Ida>

Here is a short video of what a “Stuffed With Love “ kit looks like:

Directions on how to complete the “Stuffed With Love” animal, if this option is chosen, will be located on the confirmation email you receive after registering. If you are registering for someone else, please forward the confirmation to them. Once the gifts are all completed, Maya Wofsy and other Tulane students will ensure the gifts are distributed to the children of Louisiana.

Thank you for your support!

With love,

Kidz Give Back Foundation, “Stuffed With Love” and Wofsy Family

SWL 2018 – Everyone Can Participate and Help Kids In Need

October 8th, 2018 | Upcoming Events

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

As we try our best to face obstacles and challenges with love as fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, friends and as neighbors -we now hope to share our love with children in our community who are in need during this coming holiday season.

Please help us provide children in need with a special “Stuffed With Love” animal to give comfort in times of need.

***Is your child on a SPORTS TEAM, or involved in an EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY GROUP that is looking for a great bonding activity? Email and we can help organize a “Stuffed With Love” event!

                                                              WAYS TO PARTICIPATE
CLICK BELOW– $25 donation to pick up “Stuffed With Love” kits from our home (23 Silver Brook Road, Westport ) for your child/children and their friends to create. The kit will include: animal skin, stuffing, wish star, clothing, accessories, gift card, adoption certificate, a SWL bracelet for your child to wear for participating, and a non-woven gift bag. The gift will take less than 30 minutes to create and will provide unlimited love to a child in need.
CLICK BELOW– $25 donation to provide the opportunity for a child in need to create their very own stuffed animal to love and hug unconditionally.
FORWARD this email to all of your friends so that their kids and their friends can participate.
We will provide these gifts to children at:
• Saint Christopher Ottile – in Sea Cliff
• Children’s hospital at Yale
• St. Barnabas in the Bronx
• Stonybrook Hospital – Children’s Oncology
• Saint Vincent Hospital

With love,
Hallie, Scott, Layla, and Maya Wofsy


Please contact Hallie Wofsy at or 203-451-6295 with any questions.

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