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March 22nd, 2013 | Blog

Dear Friends and Family,

photo copy 2My name is Layla and I am 13 years old. My sister’s name is Maya, and she is 10. My parents have always told us how important it is to give back and now we are doing something about it. We have SWL parties! Maya and I both love SWL parties. I love that kids and parents come together to make other kids feel happy. That makes me feel great. Maya has done SWL since she was 5 and she loves it too. Like me, she also feels really good when she is helping other kids.

SWL is usually on or around my birthday, which is in November. Instead of a birthday party, my family hosts SWL. SWL is even better than a birthday party because tons of people come to a “party” and make stuffed animals. It is really fun to stuff, dress and wrap the animals. I also love being with my friends and other kids in my town as we do something special together. It shows that kids are important and can change the lives of other kids who need our help. We all have one goal (to get the animals to the kids who need them) and I love that.

Since my birthday is in November, our SWL party is always right after Thanksgiving. That is pretty neat since Maya and I are thankful for what we have and we like doing something about this feeling.

For us, SWL is not only about helping kids in need. It is also to show our friends the importance of helping others. When SWL had its first party there were 50 people. This past year there were over 350 people at our house! Everyone has fun at SWL and they are happy when they are giving back. That is what this is all about.

We hope you will join our SWL family and have a party of your own. We want to reach our goal — to host at least one SWL party in each of the 50 states. We will help you get organized and make it the best party you ever had since Maya and I pretty much run the event at our home now. We really hope you take the chance and host a SWL event- your kids will learn so much and be so thankful. Plus, the more SWL parties there are around the United States, the more kids get to feel great – it can’t get better than that!

Thanks for helping and joining our SWL family,
Layla & Maya Wofsy

From the parents…

March 20th, 2013 | Blog

Dear prospective members of our “Stuffed With Love” (SWL) family,

My husband Scott and I believe that charity is very important and we continually discuss with our two daughters the importance of giving back to one’s community so, it was natural that we decided to begin “Stuffed With Love” or SWL, a charity event to celebrate our daughter Layla’s 7th birthday. Our kids were thrilled and wanted to be “doers”, so, with the help of friends and family, provided an environment where children would create stuffed animals that would be donated to charities where children in need could appreciate them.

As December 31, 2010 fell upon us, it became clear what our family’s New Year’s resolution should be: to enable children across the United States the opportunity to give back to their communities as well. This is the beginning of Kidz Give Back Foundation and “Stuffed With Love” (SWL) is an integral part of the foundation. We hope that you will become involved in some manner that will enable you and/or the children in your lives to give back by participating and becoming giving members of your community by supporting SWL. You may do so by hosting a SWL event, participating in a SWL event in your community, or by donating to Kidz Give Back Foundation. Our goal is to build accountable young adults who understand the importance of giving back. SWL will provide children and young adults this opportunity.

In 2014 we received a grant from the Fanny and Svante Kilstrom Foundation to enable 400 Bridgeport, CT students who are usually only the recipients of charity, the ability to make changes in their community and feel empowered. In 2015, we were fortunate again to receive this grant and provided this same opportunity to 500 inner city students in Harlem, New York. The smiles on these children’s faces was priceless and we strive to have more opportunities like these across the United States. Everyone can help us make this dream a reality by donating to our organization.

We look forward to working with you to brighten the lives of both healthy and needy children across the country by allowing children of all ages the opportunity to make a difference in this world and help children in need.

Click Here, to  get involved with SWL.

With love,
Hallie, Scott, Layla and Maya Wofsy

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